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Special topics

Holistic versus analytical view: Harmonizing the right and the left brain hemisphere

The conflict between the male and female principle, between Yang and Yin, is a fundamental pattern that obstructs the flux of our energy “Qi” with the possible risk of somatic and/or psyche afflictions.

Precondition for all existence and therefore also for healthiness is given if Yin and Yang are in resonance and “Qi” can flow freely.

The brain mirrors this Taoist concept: Yang correlates with the left, analytical, male brain hemisphere. Yin represents the female concept and a holistic perception. Humans who do not feel well usually try to compensate this by exerting themselves in order to meet life’s everyday challenges.

This struggle is the result of logical, rational reasoning; the male concept of the left brain hemisphere dominates over the right brain hemisphere. The left brain hemisphere supports the right body half, the right brain hemisphere innervates the left side of the body.

If the left brain hemisphere dominates over the right brain hemisphere for a longer period, causative ailments can be found in the left body half which is innervated by the “opressed” right brain hemisphere. As a consequence body parts of the right body half try to compensate limitations by taking over tasks from body parts of the weaker left side.

Examination and treatment of these ailments are coherent to the Yin-Yang concept: After the holistic perception (Yin) follows a thorough validation of the results (Yang) and a mindful, holistic care (Yin and Yang).


Signs of our era: The „new“ children

The behaviour of many of these children/adolescents is often diagnosed as ADHS/ADS and in some places treated medicinally. All too often the cause for such disorders remains nonspecific; the fact that many of these youngsters are specially gifted and do communicate in their own way is overlooked.

Pre- and perinatal incidences can trigger ADHS/ADS. Medical and non-medical reports concerning the reaction of babies with Caesarian delivery allows queries: Is there a risk that the Moro reflex, essential for survival and built up during the ninth week of pregnancy, may be reduced with limitation only after a Caesarian delivery? How often can ADHS/ADS be found with children/adolescents or, the corresponding disorders, with adults?

Stressful situations trigger a higher release of hormons e.g. cortisol. The intellectual capability – in the case of children their school achievement – can be affected due to high level of cortisol. The immune system is weakened by the steady release of stress hormons. Besides physical ailments psyche disorders like fear, adaptive difficulties, inferiority feeling etc. can appear.

Holistic consideration and therapy based on the Yin-Yang concept offers chances to these children and adolescents to manifest their capabilities and promote them. Mindful examination and therapy – including natural healing methods – offer a need-oriented support.