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  • Being energetically balanced
  • Getting well / Feeling well
  • Being successful

Source analysis

Source analysis can best be described by imagery:

Source waters normally accumulate and eventually flow into a lake or into the sea. The water's journey from the source to the mouth of a river can be compared to our life's journey. The powers, strengths that make up our personalities, our lives spring from various sources.
In stressful situations blockages build up that interrupt the flow somewhere along its way from the source to the mouth. A blockage is like a dam behind which gradually a great deal of water accumulates. If the water continues to flow into the artificial lake, the pressure will eventually be too much. The dam will either break or the water can be channelled out carefully and safely, without damage to the low-lying land.

Stress situations can be lastingly solved only if the causes (or sources) are recognised, life energies again flow unhindered, and we can choose our way of life consciously and freely. Panta rhei!