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  • Being energetically balanced
  • Getting well / Feeling well
  • Being successful

CONSIDER life coaching


The concept of CONSIDER life coaching

You want to be able to face life's everyday challenges with confidence.
Successfully, on time without procrastinating you master the personal and professional problems you encounter.
You are looking for a way to take charge of your life consciously and freely.
You feel that your life is out of kilter, and you are looking for balance.
You feel listless and want to have a happy life again.

Life coaching is help you can draw on for support.

CONSIDER life coaching offers a complete source analysis, accompaniment in solving your present problematic situation, as well as support during the potential development tailored to your individual needs.

CONSIDER provides life coaching by one-to-one appointments as well as by telephone.


When can CONSIDER life coaching help?

  • Support with burdensome life situations
  • Inconsistencies of a professional or personal nature
  • Reorientation in professional or personal life
  • Support with decision-making process
  • Stress symptoms (sleeplessness, exhaustion, burnout, hyperactivity, etc.)
  • Psychosomatic ailments
  • Supplementary help in conventional treatment


Applied methods and techniques

Source analysis

In a personal talk the current problem situation is discussed and its possible causes defined in source analysis Besides the classical methods such as process and communication analysis, Radionics or natural healing methods are applied.

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Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods EDxTM™
(according to Fred P. Gallo)

EDxT™ is an energetic psychotherapy that combines the methods of kinesiology, the principles of energy fields/thought fields and the effect of acupuncture points and meridians. Touching and striking the acupuncture points localises and relieves fears, depressions and the like.


Chakra Diagnostic, Rebalancing & Healing

The seven energy centers (chakras) in the physical body are the link between the „outside“ and „inside“ of that body. During daily life the three dimensions body, mind, soul of the individual person have to face various challenges (e.g. joy, anguish, pain, stress, etc. etc.) which might be burdensome.Prenatal occurrences can also have a major impact on the chakras.



Radionic balancing strengthens the morphogenetic field (subtle energy field). Radionics offer a holistic way to analyse and relieve blockages. This process enhances the physical and psyche recovery. The objective is to waken the desire to recognize one's own potential, to reinforce the intent to deliberately shape life according to one's own conception.

(*) Radionic analysis and balancing with MARS III unit developed by Bruce Copen Laboratories, England

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Nonviolent communication (NVC)
(according to Marshall B. Rosenberg)

The way we treat ourselves and others is a mirror reflection of ourselves. How we communicate is often the key to the success of our intentions.


Process analysis
How do I shape my personal and professional goals? How can I bring them to fruition? How can I manage my energies more carefully? Our daily life consists of many interacting processes which can be optimised as the occasion arises.


Supplementary offers

As needed, various naturopathic methods and techniques can complement the process of life coaching.

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