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  • Being energetically balanced
  • Getting well / Feeling well
  • Being successful


The therapy concept of CONSIDER energy

The complementary therapies of CONSIDER energy (lat. considere) are based on the assumption that energy flows regulate our health. CONSIDER energy therapy encompasses body and spirit as a whole.


When can the CONSIDER energy concept help?

  • Joint and back pains
  • Headache and migraine
  • Problems with digestion and the digestive tract
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Stress symptoms (sleeplessness, exhaustion, burnout, hyperactivity, etc.)
  • Psychosomatic ailments / postpartum disorders (PPD)
  • Asthma, allergies and skin diseases
  • Potency and fertility problems
  • Rehabilitation after an illness and/or accident
  • Help with burdensome life situations
  • Supplementary help in conventional treatment



Body-oriented therapy

The treatments of 60 to 90 minutes' duration are administered with the greatest care and attention. Patients are advised to substitute alcoholic beverages with non-carbonated mineral water at least two hours prior to treatment and to relax after treatment.

If necessary, patients are referred to the relevant specialists for further testing (clarification) or treatment. Further treatment is optimally planned, ensuring the sensible and measured use of time and money.

Distant treatment

Energetic healing following a one-on-one interview.Obstructions of the chakras and meridians are relieved.


Acupuncture-massage / energetic body statics treatment APM / ESB
(according to Radloff)

The energy flow in the body and its statics (the law of statics) is balanced. This method combines traditional Chinese acupuncture with the latest trends replacing acupuncture needles with little massage rods or the finger tips.


Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods (EDxTM)
(according to Fred P. Gallo)

EDxTM is an energetic psychotherapy that combines the methods of kinesiology, the principles of energy fields / thought fields and the effect of acupuncture points and meridians. Touching and striking the acupuncture points localises and relieves fears, depressions and the like.

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Chakra Diagnostic, Rebalancing & Healing (body oriented and distant treatment)

The seven energy centers (chakras) in the physical body are the link between the „outside“ and „inside“ of that body. During daily life the three dimensions body, mind, soul of the individual person have to face various challenges (e.g. joy, anguish, pain, stress, etc. etc.) which might be burdensome and cause obstruction of the flux of energy (Qi).Prenatal occurrences can also have a major impact on the chakras.



Radionics, a procedure in bio informative medicine, began at the end of the 19th century. CONSIDER energy uses the MARS III unit developed by Bruce Copen Laboratories, England. The morphogenetic field (subtle energy field) of treated patients is thus balanced thereby supporting and intensifying the patients' self-healing ability.

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Bach Flower Therapy
(Flower essences according to Dr. Edward Bach)

Mixtures of flower essences according to Dr. Edward Bach help to relieve psychological blockage.



Reiki originated in Japan, the word itself meaning "creative / healing power of the universe". At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Mikao Usui, master in a Buddhist monastery in Japan, established this method based on healing ancient wisdom. In Reiki, the healing energy flow passes through the hands into the body or, as in distance healing, the healing energy flow is induced through mental power.


Supplementary offers

Life Coaching

Source analysis tailored to your personal needs to help you develop your potential. Support and guidance in solving a current problem complex.

Spiritual-energetic coaching of self-awareness and health consciousness.

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Various natural healing methods

Based on western complementary and traditional eastern medicine.

Therapeutic treatment of animals

Energy Treatments and Bach Flower Remedies for Animals, pdf (500 KB)