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  • Being energetically balanced
  • Getting well / Feeling well
  • Being successful

Energetic clearing

The focus of energetic clearing is to cleanse the human energetic system, its aura and the surrounding area.

The physical body manifests as a denser form of energy. It is sphered by several strata of subtle energy (aura).

The human energetic system – as well as the energetic system of all other living creatures - is surrounded by various other types and forms of energy fields. Depending on its strength or weakness, the aura may be polluted by strange energies penetrating into it.

At every moment, the human being creates energy fields through perception, emotions, thinking, talking, doing, etc., which may build up life patterns.

Extrinsic factors and energies may intensify these patterns; they potentially become burdensome “controlling identities” (CI).

Therapeutic treatments mostly focus on physical and/or psyche ailments without taking the subtle energy field of the aura and its surrounding area into consideration. As a result, therapeutic interventions often remain without sufficient long-term effect.